Stage Notes

What was Vince Rhomberg at the Public Theatre thinking when he allowed the vanity production Yetta & Sophie In Miami Beach to occupy his space under his sponsorship? Despite the fact that I was told repeatedly by the management that it was a "hit," and despite the fact that some folks in the audience laughed uproariously, I can safely say this is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Imagine a long stretch of pointless bits about Jews, Cubans, and gays, a complete cast of incompetents, a clueless director named Herman Steinberg (who, according to his bio, at least owned a deli on 42nd Street), and a script by Randy McMahel that his mother loved very much (she receives credit as "associate producer"). Even in community theater this bunch would earn a pink slip. Unless you love the USA channel's Z-movie celebration "Up All Night," and similar tributes to the worst material that exists in the performing arts, avoid this one. I won't even give you the reservation number.

Finally, a general plea to many theaters out there: Even if the playwright's dead or from Utah, give the gal/guy a bio in your program. Maybe audiences want to know more about him, especially when he wrote the darned thing.


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