Spring Escape
Mark Poutenis

Spring Escape

WED 3/24

Reschedule your appointments. Forward your calls to voice mail. Call in sick. It's Wednesday and the Florida Marlins Spring Training Camp is in full swing. What better reason, especially after the World Series championship, to take the day off and see for yourself what to look forward to this summer and fall? Today the Marlins take on the Los Angeles Dodgers at their spring home in Jupiter, Florida. It's worth the hour drive from Miami-Dade County to check out how the champs will fare this season without Juan Encarnacion, Derrek Lee, and Pudge. Of course, last season's stars Josh Beckett, Miguel Cabrera, and Mike Lowell will be back in Marlins teal and black. And everybody's favorite senior citizen, the ageless Jack McKeon, remains at the helm. Throw in a hot dog and beer, and there's no reason to miss it. Tell your boss you just can't function without getting a preview, and take off to today's game.

The Marlins meet the Dodgers at 1:05 p.m. at Roger Dean Stadium, 4751 Main St., Jupiter. The fish also take on the St. Louis Cardinals at 7:05 p.m. Tickets range from $7 to $21. Call 561-775-1818. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

By the Sea

Nautical items reflect our past

SAT 3/20

Sure, the Historical Museum of Southern Florida boasts plenty of artifacts shedding light on 10,000 years of South Florida history. But don't think that is all the museum has. There is also the Harrison Maritime Collection, which recounts the story of South Florida on the water via wooden recreational boats, more than 350 outboard motors dating from the turn of the century to the Fifties, and Cuban and Haitian refugee rafts from the Eighties. The collection can be seen at 2:00 today during a tour of the Harrison Warehouse, a space donated to the museum (along with the seafaring goodies) in 1990 by John C. Harrison, Sr., and family. Admission is $30. Call 305-375-1621 to reserve. -- By Nina Korman


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