Splatter Cycles

A new exhibit in Wynwood might give spectators the impression they have stumbled upon crime scene pictures taken in the aftermath of a case of domestic violence during a family dinner. Some of the arresting photographs depict what appear to be blood splatter stains, while others show shattered china. Instead, the images are part of New York-based artist Alexandra Rowley’s solo exhibit, “Process,” a suite of large-format photos both abstract and figurative in which she explores ideas of transformation. Rowley’s captivating pictures will be on view at the Dina Mitrani Gallery (2620 NW Second Ave., Miami) during this weekend’s Second Saturday Art Walk, beginning at 6 p.m. The artist explores the experience of “process” from diverse perspectives, ranging from her body, her studio, her home, her infant child, and our planet. These works convey notions of life’s endless cycles of creation, fruition, and destruction, explains Dina Mitrani, the gallery’s owner. “Those red stains in some of her pictures are from beets she was cooking, and the broken dishes are family heirlooms she has collected as relics,” the dealer says. “Her work is about the process of creating art and creating a life. Her show also includes a poignant sound piece in which she overlaps the carefree laughter of her infant son over the background of President Obama delivering a solemn speech about the need to protect our planet.”
Sat., Feb. 9, 6 p.m., 2013


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