Spike Me, Baby

If you walk down Lincoln Road this week and notice a plenitude of sporty gay men with perky, um, assets bouncing down the street, fret not. The world is not turning gay before your eyes. The North American Gay Volleyball Champions (NAGVA) have taken over the Miami Beach Convention Center, with teams from all over the nation converging to bump, set, and spike their way through a game or two. Gay volleyball is a wildly competitive sport, with players taking the matches very seriously; the level of play can be a lot more intense than your everyday intramurals match.

The actual competition takes place inside the convention center, but there are “social” nets set up on the beach behind the Deauville Beach Resort (6701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) if you wish to try a little bumping of your own. And there might be alcohol to make it a little easier to score.
Fri., May 23, 2008


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