Spies Like Us

Ever been inspired to creepily peer over the fence to check out the lives of your neighbors? Maybe you caught them in a tiff during an afternoon barbecue or cheating on each other in the shrubbery on New Year’s Eve. But there’s really no need to stoop to peeping in real life. The film 3 Backyards offers a sneaky look at others’ lives from a safe, healthy distance. From Sundance award-winning director Eric Mendelsohn, the complex drama tracks three Long Islanders one fall afternoon. Spy on Peggy (played by Sopranos mom Edie Falco), a star-struck housewife who encounters a celebrity. Snoop on an intensely angry husband (Elias Koteas) who’s killing time before a flight. And watch as a young girl (Rachel Reshseff) takes a wrong turn after stealing her mother’s bracelet.
Mon., May 23, 9 p.m., 2011


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