Spell It Right

By now, everyone and their mother (sorry, Mom) knows the meaning of the not-really-that-clever acronym MILF. It’s time to get used to the term MILPH — Mother in Life, Passion, and Health — at least, according to MILPH World founder Amy Deming. A clearinghouse for all things related to moms who are powerful, passionate, and, of course, smokin’ hot, milphworld.com offers memberships, calendars, and even MILPH tank tops — a perfect Mother’s Day gift, if you’re a sick, sick bastard. If you’re a horny teenage male (or just think like one), you shouldn’t let all this strong, independent woman talk worry you. Rest assured these moms make Stifler’s mom in American Pie look like Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days.

Want to be on the front line of the MILPH revolution? Well, dust off your oedipal complex and head on down to Cameo for tonight’s MILPH World Model Event, where one sexy mama will be chosen to join the milphworld.com roster. Seldom has the line between female empowerment and bad taste been thinner — or more fun to cross. Call 305-532-2667 for table reservations, or head over to www.milphworld.com for more, um, information.
Fri., May 11


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