South Beach Sexytime

Sex! There, we have your attention. We know this because studies have shown that people are really, really bad at ignoring anything having to do with gettin’ it on. From the massive revenues that the porn industry rakes in year after year, to jiggling dancers in music videos, to increasingly sensual content on television, it’s clear: As a culture, we just can’t get enough sex. And that’s doubly true where it counts — in the bedroom. Luckily, Dr. Sonjia Kenya is here to help. Dr. Sonjia is an expert on just about all facets of sex: its problems, its diseases, and of course its many pleasures. We like to imagine she got her skills from an all-knowing higher power who bequeathed them to her during some kinky True Blood-style forest orgy with wood sprites and maenads and stuff. But she probably just did a lot of research. Either way, she’s laying it all out for you in her new book, Sex in South Beach, which celebrates its launch at the Catalina Saturday at 8 p.m. While enjoying cocktails, aphrodisiac appetizers, and dining specials, guests will have the opportunity to purchase autographed copies of the book. Do signatures get you hot, baby?
Sat., April 21, 8 p.m., 2012


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