Soothe the Throbbing

Just because you are still recovering from the hangover incurred on New Year's Eve doesn't mean you need to spend the rest of the weekend in bed. Take advantage of the fact that you are enjoying an extra-long weekend. Trust us — Miami nightlife isn't going to wait for your head to stop throbbing.

This Saturday night at Mansion might be the perfect time and place to get back at the hair of the dog that bit you. The South Beach megaclub will get a bit of the French touch courtesy of DJ/producers Arno Cost and Norman Doray. The Parisian up-and-comers are quickly rising on the house DJ scale via gorgeously arranged dance tracks guaranteed to satisfy even the most fickle househead. They count acts such as Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar, and Philippe Zdar as influences, so they have a good idea of what makes solid dance music. The party starts at 11 p.m. for those 21 and older. Tickets cost $20 via
Sat., Jan. 2, 11 p.m., 2010


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