Sonic Rescue

It’s cool to be kind in an era of food and fuel crises, scarce access to healthcare, and fears over depleted natural resources, and that charitable trend has even caught on in sometimes-frivolous Miami Beach. This Friday at 10:30 p.m., a group of local artists will band together at The Forge to send a little kindness over the border to children in Latin America, a region from which so many of this city’s locals once fled poverty and disaster. Under the slogan “Pop Saves Lives,” headlining Spanish outfit Panorama and special guests Maily and Silverio Lozada will send audiences gyrating in serious contemplation of the Western Hemisphere’s blatant inequalities.

But if pricey cocktails are difficult to swallow, ease them down by dancing to upbeat, Latin-inspired sounds. The knowledge that charitable organization Las Misiones Claretianas is exchanging entry fees for donations of new clothes and toys aimed at aiding the less monetarily fortunate babes should get you in the party mood. Free admission to the event will be granted to those who donate at least one new article of clothing for a child younger than age 10. Contact Galindz Entertainment at 786-344-8380, or visit
Fri., Sept. 12, 2008


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