Something There Is That Loves a Poetry Festival

Key West was ours before we were Key West's. And before us, it belonged to literary mythology. The stomping ground of Dos Passos, Hemingway, and Elizabeth Bishop was also the temporary home of that most American of rhyme-sayers; you know, that one who took one road instead of another and that made all the difference? (Though how could he know if he never took the other road?)

The southernmost point, then, where the only other road is back the way you came, is the perfect location for the 15th annual Robert Frost Poetry Festival. A five-day celebration of the word coinciding with National Poetry Month, the Frost Festival offers six workshops for the lyric at heart, with a special emphasis on haiku. Of course, to attend the whole festival is the best way to do it, but you can also stop by on any non-snowy evening and pay individually. The festival culminates with the announcement of contest winners, who, we assume, will receive their gifts outright.
April 15-19, 2009


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