Soiree Under the Milky Way

Your boyfriend is a bit friskier than usual and your dog won’t stop barking at the sofa. Could it be the vegetarian chimichangas you fed them? Maybe, but it is probably just a case of full-moon fever. Put Brutus in his crate and take your handsome man (your dog and boyfriend, respectively) out on the town to revel in the power of the closest full moon of the year (only 222,012 miles away!) at the Full Moon in Fiji party at the Sagamore Hotel. This is the “first of many full-moon parties,” promises Jennifer Henry of TAI Entertainment. “It’s a very sexy vibe with cocktails and entertainers.” Guests can sip on Peroni beer or JC Cognac (or Fiji water, if you’re the designated driver) while roasting marshmallows over a beach bonfire. The party begins at 9:00, but be sure to step outside just after sunset and look east to see the gloriously huge pumpkin-color moon and the bluish hue of Uranus. Call 305-673-3873, or e-mail
Thu., Sept. 7


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