So You Think You Can Cook

Your culinary prowess is both a blessing and a burden. You’re the reason behind your significant other’s 10-pound weight gain, because your savory concoctions are so good that people just can’t stop eating them. But although you’ve become quite the popular dinner host, sometimes you feel like your friends might be taking advantage of you. Do they love you, or just your cooking? At least at the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce’s 26th Annual Cook-Off, that won’t even be a question. Tasty fare will be all that counts when professional, amateur, and junior chefs compete.

Participants will vie for the title of cuisiner extraordinaire in any of five categories: soups and chowders, sides and salads, appetizers, entrées, and desserts. If you’re all thumbs in the kitchen, don’t fret -- you can sample the edible entries for $15 a head. The cook-off is free to competitors. Public sampling begins at 7:00.
Thu., Nov. 8, 2007


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