So Ladylike

Because of the, um, forthright nature of her comedy, there are some crazy things we know about Lisa Lampanelli. We know the voluptuous soccer mom look-alike has an oft-indulged fetish for well-endowed black men; on Comedy Central’s roast of Flavor Flav, she gleefully declared she has screwed more black men than FEMA. And she didn’t say “screwed,” either. We know also, from her numerous jokes on the subject, that it apparently takes a lot to please a woman like her. Lampanelli’s allusions to her supposedly cavernous nether region are legendary.

It is her very forthrightness that sets her apart from the legions of other so-called comediennes who make observational remarks (some might call them jokes) about dating, driving, and PMS. Lampanelli prefers to play rough ’n’ dirty with the boys. By lampooning her own size and sexuality, roasting celebrities’ egos so deliciously, and repeatedly proving that her cojones are bigger than those of many male comedians, she has successfully propelled herself toward stardom. You might never see her in a sitcom (unless HBO comes a-knockin’), but you can catch her tonight at 8:00 at the Fillmore.Check out more Lampanelli outrageousness at
Sat., Nov. 10, 8 p.m., 2007


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