SNL Asks What Is Burn Notice?

Confession time. We still barely have any idea what Burn Notice is about. Funny thing is we've written about it but never actually seen an episode. We know it's shot and set in Miami. Something about a spy. A spy who possibly didn't do his spy work to his bosses' expectations and someone is trying to kill him or something. Not really sure why after four seasons, they haven't been successful in killing him. Oh! There's an attractive lady he hangs out with. Um, yeah, so we do know it's not about the detective team of Michael Burn and Chet Notice. 

Which is more than we can say for the contestants on this SNL sketch game show What Is Burn Notice? See, it's funny because it's true. Despite getting solid ratings and good grades from critics, the show hasn't broken through to the general pop consciousness like lesser-rated cable shows Mad Men and, uh, Jersey Shore


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