Smoke and Dagger

Imagine a late-night bonfire on the beach, everyone drunk on anarchy, and folks start burning cars and overturning trash cans as they howl. Now record that scene onto vinyl and you’d have King Corpse, the latest seven-inch from Miami garage psych band Lil Daggers. The music is lo-fi and dark, but it also sounds like they’re having a ton of fun. See the Daggers this Friday when they play Fridays at the Vagabond . Their self-proclaimed bummer rock-and-roll will be joined by future funk band Psychic Mirrors, a 10-member South Florida band on the Cosmic Chronic label. Beyond the distraught and aggressive live tunes, expect dancier fare from resident DJs Lolo, Ray Milian, Mike Deuce Uvs, Carmael Ophit, Rydon. Sound like a lot?
Fri., Dec. 10, 10 p.m., 2010


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