Slutty Halloween Costumes for the Thinking Woman

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OK, ladies, we get it. Halloween is the one time of the year when you can dress like a hooker and actually get insulted when someone offers you money for sex. It's all good. You're entitled to express your sexuality any way you see fit. The only thing is, with men busting out with costumes that revolve around




, and uh,

whatever this is

, why are slut-o-weeners sticking to the same tired themes? Sexy cops, nurses, librarians, pirates, school girls = boring!

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Here on Cultist, we urge women who enjoy utilizing their socially accepted, once-a-year, whorey-whorey-ho card to be a bit more imaginative. So, here's ten challenging costume ideas for the suggestive set that, if done correctly, can be both risqué and ridiculously funny.

1. Sexy Bea Arthur

Many have pondered Bea's true gender for years. So throw on your best long, ill-fitting vest over your best long, ill-fitting jacket, over your best long ill-fitting low-cut blouse, push up your


(we suggest covering your boobs with painted-on liver spots for authenticity) and let her femininity be known!

2. Sexy Chewbacca

Via Official Star Wars Blog's Flckr

Any girl that can pull off releasing long, gurgling growls while sporting a bare mid-drift, full beard, and hairy chest, butt, pit, and everywhere hair is pretty sizzling. Actually, lots of

Star Wars

characters (Yoda, R2D2, Jabba the Hutt) can be pretty entertaining if they were sexualized. Except for Princess Leia when she rocks her slave outfit. That's just too easy, plus, how could it ever be funny?

Slutty Halloween Costumes for the Thinking Woman
Via Official Star Wars Blog's Flckr

Via Official Star Wars Blog's Flckr

We stand corrected.

3. Sexy Hairless Pussy

Hey, get you're mind out of the gutter! We're not suggesting that you dress up as a painful south-of-the-boarder waxing style. We're talking about actual follicle-free felines. And there's no denying that hairless cats are frightening. Case in point:

Via Quinton Moran's Flckr

May we suggest wearing a flesh-tone bustier and having a drunk friend glue cotton balls all over your body to represent, uh, well, hmmm....yeah:

Via k.steudel's Flckr
4. Sexy Tampon

Via Stinkie Pinkie's Flckr

To a man, a tampon is the scariest thing on earth. And by dressing as one you're actually celebrating the true joy of Halloween. No, not indulging in fear. We're talking about finding out you're


pregnant after you got smashed and hooked up with the White Power Ranger on October 31. Or, if dressing like a giant Tampax is too embarrassing or repulsive for you to handle, you can always just dress up as Spencer Pratt. Or Mel Gibson. Tampon, John Mayer, same thing.

5. Sexy Dora the Explorer

Via reynolds.james.e's Flckr

With Halloween costumes available for little girls that look like




, we think it's only fair to sexually objectify lil' Dora. Hey, those protuberant brats are inching in on our territory. And besides, it'll probably lure Lolita-lusting pervs away from jailbait and into your bedroom. Think of it as doing your good deed for the day.

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