Slur Your Sketch

We’re big fans of DnD. No, not the ’70s role-playing game where make-believe wizards and warlocks shoot lighting bolts from their fingers. We’re talking about Miami’s quarterly animation event, Drinking and Drawing, where professional and amateur animators go pen-to-pen to create a two-minute film over rounds of booze. In the wrong hands, getting more than 100 drunks to draw on command would be utter chaos, but it’s actually all very organized: Everyone gets 20 minutes to draw on eight note cards — except street artist Krave, the night’s honored guest, who’ll get to have his way with 40 blank cards. Spawned at NYC’s Frederator Studios, Drinking and Drawing is organized locally by Spencer Morin, head of Miami World Cinema’s animation department, who invites you to get stinkin’ drunk. From what he’s seen animating the cards of past DnDs, the night’s lushes often contribute the most bombastic and insane moments in the short films.
Thu., July 29, 8 p.m., 2010


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