Sloshed by the Sea

Whenever landlocked visitors come to Miami, they always want to have drinks by the water. “Let’s go to South Beach,” they plead, not yet realizing that although the name would indicate fabulous seaside vistas, most of the bars there aren’t within eyeshot of the lapping waves. If you want to impress your Midwestern friends, skip SoBe and head straight to Cantina Beach at the Ritz-Carlton. Today is Tequila Thursday, and there will be live music, special drink and appetizer menus, and recommendations from the only “tequilier” in the States, all steps away from a gorgeous Atlantic seascape. PR manager Rachel Pinzur describes it as a “more relaxed happy hour, one of very few on Key Biscayne.” Complimentary chef samplers include corn tostadas, roasted poblano pepper salsa, and the most delicious housemade guacamole this side of the Pecos. The oceanfront fun begins at 5:00 p.m. Call 305-365-4286, or visit
Thursdays, 2006


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