Slava's Snowshow
Veronique Vial

Slava's Snowshow Through August 25 at the Arsht Center

When he's not performing, Slava Polunin looks like an off-season Santa Claus or an aging wizard from a fantasy-movie franchise. Onstage, in his yellow parka, oversize red shoes, giant strawberry nose, and electrified white hair, he is no less fantastical. A versatile performance artist who once organized a street march of 800 mimes in Soviet Russia (Eastern Bloc audiences must have had quite a taste for silent entertainment), Polunin later cut his teeth as Cirque du Soleil's resident clown. Later still, he created a number of stage spectacles combining his talents as choreographer, comedian, and physical actor, with Slava's Snowshow arguably the most enduring. The audience will become involved in this family-friendly, wordless phantasmagoria whether they like it or not — from the giant spider web that envelops the seats to the streams of confetti raining upon the crowd to Slava's clown colleagues who perform in the aisles. There is also, as the title suggests, an epic snowstorm created onstage, plus a battalion of enormous beach balls and some spectacular theatrics that need to be seen to be believed.


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