Skulls For Your Wrists

We bet you've been a little worried about how you'd be able to track down some skull accent pieces now that Alexander McQueen's line has been taken over by Sarah Burton. And if you're like us, you probably like your kitsch right where you can see it: On your wrist. You're not exactly a biker chick, but you like a little hard edge with your stylish, on-trend garb, and you have no plans to go the way of trading jewelry tips at truck stops. What are skull and crossbone enthusiasts supposed to rock without going down the sad path toward Ed Hardy, anyway? Meet designer Luis Morais, who will be launching a pop-up shop in Miami for Art Basel.The Brazilian born, Miami-based jewelry designer decided it was time to create a high-end jewelry line with a twist after traveling the world as an executive for a textile company, and began to incorporate ghetto gold grills with skulls and stones -- and this isn't stereotypical pirate's booty, either. Ten years later, his goods are being sold all over the world in places like New York, London, Paris, and Dubai, but what about seeing more than just a few pieces in Miami? Thanks to Art Basel, we'll soon get a bigger taste too. "I'll be launching exclusive fun pieces for the Pop-N-Shop, as well as featuring the current collection along with the classic pieces," Morais says.
Dec. 1-6, 2010


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