Hoots out!
Hoots out!

Skrawberry and Hooters Beauty Pageant Contestant Juliete Cabrera Swap Trade Secrets

Every year, 101 of the world's most delightfully tacky yet unrefined ladies converge upon Miami for the annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant. June 23 will mark the 16th edition of the pageant, with contestants traveling from as far away as South Africa to compete for the title of Miss Hooters International and the $50,000 that comes with it.

Of all 101 Hooters girls in the running, only one is from Miami-Dade County: Juliete Cabrera, winner of the Miss Photogenic title last year, who works at the Hooters in Doral. We knew we needed to give our hometown Hooters hero some love, and who better to bestow it than stripper and Cultist love columnist, Skrawberry?

Check out our video of the two talking tricks of the trade after the jump. (Warning: It's not exactly NSFW, but it is edited for maximum pervitude.)


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