Size Matters

It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean. Or so goes the platitude told to millions of apprehensive boys after their first locker-room strip-down. And for those plagued with the issue of male insecurity, group therapy has arrived in the form of Mark Della Ventura’s one-man play, Small Membership. The always-entertaining Della Ventura stars as the anxiety-ridden 26-year-old protagonist Matt, taking his audience on a roller-coaster ride through puberty, true love, heartbreak, and the C-word: celibacy. With acting chops that include a best actor win for work off-off-Broadway and a 2011 Carbonell nomination for best supporting actor, Della Ventura steers viewers through a series of flashbacks and revelations that promise to be both poignant and hilarious. Directed by frequent collaborator David Michael Sirois, the show is a production of Alliance Theatre Lab, a Miami mainstay that’s into artistic risk. So if that ruler doesn’t quite read the way you’d like it to — or if you’ve ever felt you didn’t measure up in any other area — spend a few hours of quality time with Matt. Therapy rarely comes this cheap. The play shows Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Main Street Playhouse (6766 Main St., Miami Lakes) and runs through June 24. Tickets cost $10 to $30. Visit or call 305-259-0418.
Sun., June 3; Sun., June 24, 2012


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