Siudy Between Worlds at the Arsht Center Through June 23

Siudy Between Worlds/Entre Mundos is flamenco dance meets urban rhythms. But you really have to add Stomp (remember all that groundbreaking percussion?) and the movie Mad Max to the description to do this show justice. Avant-garde flamenco dancer Siudy Garrido, along with 22 fellow international dancers and musicians in fantastical and startling costumes, transforms the stage into a futuristic world populated by survivors of a climatic postapocalyptic disaster. Two tribes – one flamenco, one urban dance — go at it in a mashup involving intense, pulsating drum beats and multimedia backdrops with an electrifying light show that has reviewers calling it "Flamenco Fantasia." Because water is the ultimate commodity that the tribes are warring over, the performance climaxes in a rainstorm, which is both an awesome visual and quite the ironic turn of events.


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