Silky-smooth Loverman

If you went purely by his lyrics, you might guess that whenever Trey Songz isn't singing in that syrupy tenor, he's either 1) constantly glued to his phone or 2) under impossibly expensive sheets, fornicating in the freakiest manner possible (it doesn't really matter with whom). It's tough to find another dimension to Songz, since there doesn't seem to be one; you'd be hard-pressed to find one album cut that doesn't revolve around his sexual prowess. But ever since R. Kelly went off the deep end (correction: further off the deep end), the public has wanted a new silky-smooth loverman, one who doesn't have urine and Lip Smackers all over his couch. Aside from all that sexing, Trey and Kels have another common trait: soulful, take-it-to-the-rafters pipes that don't require even a bit of the now-hated Auto-Tune. So, whether you're looking for virtuoso vocals or you're just trying to get on the tour bus, you might get what you want this Friday.
Fri., April 16, 8:30 p.m., 2010


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