Silent but Artsy

“I’m not good with words -- that’s why I make silent films,” says Clifton Childree, winner of LegalArt’s Native Seeds II grant. One of his submissions for the $3,000 award was Something Awful, an edgy tale of a turn-of-the-century fisherman who snares a Victorian woman’s derrière in his trap. After guzzling a potent oyster concoction to cure the squirts, he discovers the connection between her buttocks and an arcade game called Shitty Britches at a local bar.

“I’m building a movie set in my back yard,” Childree informs. “The projects I do often take a year and can become expensive. I’m working on a new slapstick episode called It Gets Worse, and the Native Seeds grant has helped get the wheels rolling on that.” Tonight at 7 at The Standard, LegalArt will celebrate Childree’s achievements and raise funds for its grant program awards. The artsy event will boast “world-famous bingo, swimming, raffle prizes, music, and more,” organizers say. Oops -- let’s not forget about enough complimentary Grolsch to float a tub!
Sat., Jan. 19, 7 p.m., 2008


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