Shia LaBeouf Tackled and Ten Other Celebrity Beatdowns

and the recent live-action Transformers reboot, got his ass handed to him earlier this week by big-n-hairy shirtless guy.

The story is classic: LaBeouf was drunkenly bumping into patrons at a bar, one of them lost patience and told him to "watch out," and Shia responded, appropriately, with "What are you going to do about?" What came next was what the guy was going to do about it, which, to be more specific, was beat LaBeouf's ass for the world to see.

This happens all the time. And by 'this' we don't mean LaBeouf getting pounded (though, now that you mention it, that should happen all the time). What we really mean is: celebrity beatdowns, attacks and assaults. They happen all the damn time.

10. Alex Rodriguez Attacked by Cameron Diaz's Biggest Fan

Last fall a 33-year-old Cameron Diaz fanatic named Joe Rogan (not kidding) a.k.a. Grim LeRogue (still not kidding) charged the field at Yankee Stadium. In addition to loads of pictures of Diaz, authorities also found a picture of Rodriguez, with a X over his face, a gun drawn next to his head and the inscription: "You have to go bud, you've ruined too many of our white queens."

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9. Eddie Guerrero Attacked by Spoiler

Kayfabe is the the wrestling-insider term for the narrative reality of the ring. For example, "Kayfabe flew right out the window when Eddie Guerrero knocked that fan on his ass."

8. Pope Benedict XVI Attacked by Nondescript Guy

Ah, nothing like a good ol' Pope chargin'. It's a shame Ratzinger's entourage managed to stop the assailant: not that we've really got anything against him (we'll forgive the Nazi thing because, c'mon, who hasn't been a Nazi once or twice), it's just been so long since we saw a solid Papal hog-tie.

7. Simon Cowell Attacked by Someone Who Really Does Actually Care That Much About Him

Someone really bothered to go after Simon Cowell? Don't give the man anymore validation, people.

6. Guy Ritchie Attacked by Madonna's Biggest Fan

In 2008, a teenage Madonna fanatic rushed the set of Sherlock Holmes brandishing a knife and screaming, "Where's Guy? I'm going to kill him."

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