Shellfish Frenzy

Say Florida broke off from the rest of the country. (The planet has already tipped off of its axis, so it's not unthinkable that another quake just might break us free.) Now let's imagine we had to survive on the spoils of this state alone. Every day would be one giant seafood festival, right? Our coasts provide mounds of Key West pink shrimp, locally caught mahi-mahi, stone crab, soft-shell blue crabs, and spiny lobsters. Instead of ties, we'd wear Red Lobster bibs and carry around emergency vats of garlic butter.

Bad news: We're still hinged to the rest of the country, but you can still devour all things aquatic at Sunday's Seafood Festival at the historic Deering Estate at Cutler. As early as 11 a.m., you can crack into delectable crustaceans and flaky fish while costumed Bahamian Junkanoo dancers break it down to the jangles of steel drums. There will also be cooking demos by South Florida celebrity chefs such as Clay Conley of Azul and Sean Bernal of Oceanaire.
Sun., March 28, 11 a.m., 2010


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