She-Devils and Soul Serpents

Once upon a time, we were all born naked. But just as soon as our asses hit the wind, society swaddled us up in rules and norms and regulations like, “Hey, these are clothes; wear them outside or go to jail.” What with all the pressure to keep our balls, butts, beavers, and boobies covered, it’s no surprise that nudity is worth so much money — jiggling jillions yearly. Enter Goldrush (29 NE 11th St., Miami), downtown’s 24-hour answer to all your naked-lady needs. This year, to wrap up Ultra week with a bang, the club has let Satan’s own party promoters, the Overthrow, set up shop in it sinful abode for Hard 2 Leave. DJs Craze, AC Slater, Skeet Skeet, Brenmar, Tamara Sky, Killabits, Spinstyles, Caligula, Troy Kurtz, and special guests will get the booties shaking — and the naked ladies dancing — Sunday from 11 p.m. till the sun comes up.
Sun., March 25, 11 p.m., 2012


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