Shaking Up The Grove

James Bond is particular about the way his favorite drink – the Vesper martini -- is prepared. He prefers a mix of gin, vodka, and vermouth. It should be served ice-cold and with a twist. And of course shaken, not stirred. Beginning at 5:30 tonight, you can unleash that inner spy during Shaken Not Stirred at Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors, featuring litchi, sunset, dry, chocolate, cranberry, apple, and blueberry martinis as well as artwork spilling over with Bondlike villains.

Roland Ruocco’s painting King of the World is sobering enough to make one want to ring Her Majesty’s secret service. The nightmare depicts Dubya sitting on a gold throne and firing a 9mm while his side-chick Condi Rice wears a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform and spins a globe, gunning for their next conquest.

Other artists conspiring in the mayhem include Aaron Bailot, Jeanne Goodman, Kathleen Earthrowl, Hans Feyerabend, and Armando Pedroso. “Coconut Grove is a little sleepy,” explains gallery director Danielle Lanteigne, who’s hoping tomorrow never dies. “There is not much of an art scene, so we are trying to make it happen.”
Fri., June 9


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