Shake Is Contagious

Local music impresario José El Rey declares, “I’ll be there, and I’m more than enough for all the ladies to come. There will be woofers installed in special devices.” What’s he talkin’ ’bout? It’s Shake, a new party that’ll have you fiending like a junkie every Thursday night. Thank Que Pasa MIA and Sweat Records for your new addiction. The Vagabond is backing a new venture in the downtown party scene. Call it the lowlife highlife. Embrace the economic downturn — gettin’ loose is recession-proof. Break on through the custom-built phone-booth entrance and feel your body reverberate with bass.

Every week, Shake promises food, drink, and bass-fueled high jinks cooked up by Aholsniffsglue and José El Rey, the devious minds behind anti-hipster bashes such as Yarisleidi’s Quinceañera Fiesta and Coltoberfest 305. Still don’t know what in hell is going on? To be honest, neither do we — the details are top secret, and the event organizers promise “mas sorpresas.” “For sure it’s gonna go down. We’ve done nothing but dope shit,” Ahol assures.

Thursdays, 10 p.m., 2009


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