Sexy on the Bay

The comfy folds of your couch and the promise of a Law & Order marathon are begging you to stay home, but what would you say if smooth music, cool people, and a bay view were also calling? Think fast, because 4Play Fridays at Barchetta on the Bay does just that. A night at this luxe restaurant and style lounge doesn’t have to try too hard, but when guys-about-town Jawan Strader and Ron Gibbs put together a party for uptown professionals and call it “The New Renaissance,” you can bet it’ll be worth your while.

DJ Griot will spin the hottest R&B, hip-hop, and reggae for the two-steppers, business cards will abound for the networkers, and the restaurant serves up “Mama mia”-inducing grub for all. And did we mention hip-hop legend Prince Markie Dee will host the shindig? Yeah, this is official. Call 305-861-2228 for table or dinner reservations, or e-mail to get on the VIP guest list. Admission is free before midnight, and the dress code is le chic.
Fridays, 2009


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