Seething Stagecraft

Neil LaBute’s work isn’t for genteel theatergoers who prefer their drama with a slathering of treacle. LaBute writes contemporary fables that rip the bandages off societal wounds. His incendiary play, This Is How It Goes, tackles interracial intrigue with the kind of brute force that fans of The Shape of Things and In the Company of Men have come to expect. The first run of the off-Broadway hit brought fresh fury to typically reliable funnyman Ben Stiller, who stole the show from Amanda Peet and Jeffrey Wright. LaBute’s envelope-pushing love triangle will explore playing the race card at GableStage at the Biltmore. Culture lovers should turn out in droves for a performance that promises to confront prejudice head-on. Watch the sparks fly at the preview performance tonight at 8:00. Tickets cost $25. Call 305-445-1119, or visit
Fri., June 23


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