Secret Lovers

Coconut Grove is filled with secrets: hidden little streets, covert cafés, lovers you visit when you say you're out with friends.... Oh wait, is that just us? Too much information — sorry. But you can learn some of the Grove’s more G-rated (but still interesting) revelations from the Historical Museum of Southern Florida’s Dr. Paul George on the Secrets of Coconut Grove Twilight Walking Tour, tonight from 6 to 8.

The tour leaves from Miami City Hall and swings by the library to tell a tale about a body or two buried there. And then there's a story about the Mutiny Hotel, which is pretty good, but if we told you that one, it would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? So go take the tour. Bring a flashlight — it gets dark in the Grove when the sun goes down. Admission is $25.
Fri., April 18, 2008


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