Scrapping Old Ideals

Looking at Jean Villamizar’s paintings, one senses a riff on a popular theme: the rejection of chauvinist imposed notions of feminine beauty by a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. It is also clear the artist has tired of jingle-brained pitchmen who use female imagery to sell everything under the sun, and she is whacking them where it hurts. “I try to focus on the issue of media driven self-image women have to live with constantly, and to challenge viewers to think about what is beautiful and why,” Villamizar explains. Goddess Lost, opening tonight at 7:30 at the Miami Beach Cinematheque, marks her first solo show and includes fifteen collage-and-acrylic-on-canvas paintings that celebrate Women’s History Month. Villamizar makes a provocative statement with her shredded images of supermodels over which she has painted abstracted facial features of other femmes she considers strong and interesting. “I want every woman to feel perfect, to realize ‘I’m good the way I am,’” the plucky artist adds. Call 305-673-4567, or visit
Thu., March 9


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