Say “I Do”

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl see fireworks when they kiss. Boy proposes to girl, and the two are on cloud nine, anticipating the day they will become one. Then -- dun dun da-dun -- the wedding! But by the time all the bride-kissing, cake-cutting, and first-dancing is over, the fairy tale moments are gone and it’s hello, problems. Although marital turmoil might make some people run to the judge for an annulment, true lovebirds (and Catholics) hit up a neutral third party for some help. Tony Grant and Tamar Davis -- who play husband and wife in Tyler Perry’s latest stage play, The Marriage Counselor -- choose the latter when problems arise.

The story goes from “I love you” to “I hate you” and back again, but the end result is as it should be: Love conquers all. Perry’s grasp on the title of number one urban playwright in the nation guarantees you’ll be laughing, crying, singing, and maybe even calling an ex for an offstage reconciliation of your own. The curtain rises at 8 p.m. The play runs from today through Sunday, February 10, at the James L. Knight Center.
Feb. 7-10, 2008


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