Save the World: Buy Shoes

Ladies, quick question. Do you like shoes? (Two billion heads nod.) Do you like cocktails? (Two billion heads nod.) How'd you like to go to a cocktail reception inside a Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department? (Two billion heads explode from overexcitement.) Heart and Sole not only bridges the gap between booze and shopping, but also allows you to do it with a guilt-free conscience.

That's because your $50 entrance fee is a charitable contribution to Casa Valentina, a nonprofit organization that helps young women transition from foster homes to independent living. Never will driving to Bal Harbour feel so liberating.

Need more incentive? None other than shoe expert and TV personality Miss Meghan, AKA Meghan Cleary, will be on hand to host the event. Sounds like it's time to make room in the closet, huh? Just throw out any pair of men's shoes you can find.
Thu., April 2, 6 p.m., 2009


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