Save Me, Mr. Fireman

If all firefighters were as hot as the ones in South Florida, pussycats and cougars nationwide would have a great time finding reasons to get stuck high in the branches of their local foliage. Don’t try that with a royal palm, local kittens, because this Saturday at Macy’s in Aventura Mall, you can see the hunkiest pieces of meat live without having to waste time dialing 9-1-1. At 2 p.m., South Florida firefighters will unveil their 2010 calendar. We’re just guessing, but December probably includes the Santa of our dreams — topless, muscle-bound, and bearing gifts. All 16 guys (yes, there were too many hot firefighters to choose just 12) will be on hand to take pictures and scribble “You’re on fire, babe/bro” on your calendar. The fine piece of art will run you $17, with proceeds benefiting local charities and your current collection of lifesaving eye candy.
Sat., Aug. 22, 2 p.m., 2009


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