Same As It Ever Was

When Bill Parcells took reign and became the big kahuna of football for the Miami Dolphins in 2009, he drafted tackle Jake Long (instead of current MVP-candidate, quarterback Matt Ryan) when he had the first overall pick. It was a good, safe pick. And, unfortunately, that seemed to set the tone for the Parcells era. Good and safe always loses in the NFL. Always. Conservative play-calling has not only made the Dolphins monumentally crappy, but impossibly boring as well. The quarterback they selected, Chad Henne, has been more robot-from-a-1950s-B-movie than franchise-savior, and their head coach gets really juiced-up after every converted field goal. And things don’t seem to be getting any better. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge -- Nick Saban, Cam Cameron, Parcells – it’s just another year, another season of mediocrity. Now the Fins find themselves in familiar water, again: no real answers at the QB position, and no real solutions on the horizon. We can all agree that shit à la mode would probably be the best way to describe the last decade of Miami Dolphins football. The good news is that they face off against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday at Sun Life Stadium. The Bills are pretty much the worst team in the NFL right now, which means, of course, that they’re going to kick the Dolphins’ ass.
Sun., Dec. 19, 1 p.m., 2010


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