Sailing On

FRI 12/12

"I'll sleep when I'm dead." Famous last words from Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-1982), symbolic of how the prolific filmmaker and leader of New German Cinema lived, pumping out more than 30 features in his 37 years of life. Always the iconoclast, Fassbinder attempted to film the unfilmable in his last feature, Querelle (1982), a surreal plunge into the life of a gay sailor starring Brad Davis. Based on the novel Querelle de Brest by ex-con writer Jean Genet, the story is filled with murder, betrayal, love, and lots of sexual tension from bizarre characters. Different from many of Fassbinder's other films, it's highly stylized, with colorful sets and symbolic phalluses. The screening starts at 8:30 p.m. at Miami Beach Cinematheque, 512 Española Way, Miami Beach. Tickets cost $10. Call 305-673-4567. -- By John Anderson

Holiday Home
Vizcaya gets spirited

FRI 12/12

On December 25, 1916, James Deering officially opened Vizcaya, his Renaissance-style Miami palazzo. With a confirmed bachelor swimming in tons of money as a host, the bash that went on that particular holiday must have been wild. We imagine a Santa being jolly, lots of costumed little people posing as elves, and other crazy antics. We can tell you what's going on tonight from 7:00 to 9:30: a more family-oriented affair. The Vizcayan Family Holiday Celebration will feature choral, ballet, and dance performances; holiday readings; a mini petting zoo; a visit from St. Nick; grub for the kiddies; and something suggestively dubbed an "adult café." Coat and tie are requested. The fun goes on at Villa Vizcaya, 3251 S. Miami Ave. Admission is $25. Call 305-856-4866. -- By Nina Korman

Name Dropper

FRI 12/12

When we got the word that Julio was performing, we thought, Julio who? Something's missing. One-name celebs have got to do better than that. Try something like Roach or Pond or Barnabas. This Julio turns out to be son of the cheesy panty crooner, Julio Iglesias. We understand now the reason for dropping the last name; it's hard to be a rocker when you're named after half of the "To All the Girls I've Loved" super duo. Junior performs at 9:30 p.m. at I/O Lounge, 30 NE 14th St. Admission is $15. Call 305-358-8007. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez


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