Runnin’ with Vanilla

Before the iPod, people used to actually wear giant headphones and carry clunky Walkman cassette players while running down the street. Even after skip-protected CD players came out, an evening jog was still accompanied by stuttering versions of your favorite tunes if you hit uneven pavement. Gosh, if only you could exercise alongside live performances of your favorite bands, you could really get into shape. The Nike Run Hit Remix five-mile night run will have you stepping to the beat of the artists you used to blast from your Walkman: Digital Underground, Young MC, Coolio, Vanilla Ice, and De La Soul. Although the race isn’t until December 14, training runs are already in session, including one tonight at 6:30 at the Apple Store (738 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). For more information and to register, visit
Nov. 16-Dec. 14


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