Run, Forrest, Run

For the past 365 days, you’ve been plotting on Aunt Jean’s cranberry stuffing and framing up your attack on Mom’s candied yams. Last night you cased the family kitchen, searching for some wayward morsel or a casserole corner that wouldn’t reveal your culinary burglary. But no luck; the fridge is on lockdown until dinnertime. So try using some of that energy on a more worthy cause than your unruly gluttony -- something like the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Turkey Day Trot. We’re sure you won’t feel so bad about single-forkedly destroying the dinner table after you participate in

You can run either the five or 10K -- it’s only $20 to $30 to register -- and each participant gets a commemorative T-shirt we’re sure will look even better with a few gravy stains on it. The starting line is at Tropical Park. The trot begins at 7:30 a.m.
Thu., Nov. 22, 2007


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