Run For Your Life

If life’s getting a little mundane, being chased by the bloodthirsty undead might liven it up a little. Just in time for Halloween, the ZMBLND 5K is coming to Miami, and the name of the game is to come out alive. Participants in this gory trek can sign up as either survivors or zombies. Survivors wear a belt with three flags (known as lifelines), and must fight their way through obstacles like the tunnel of death, the bloodbath and quicksand with at least one flag intact in order to survive. The Zombies’ goal is to snag the flags, and to up the realism factor, they even get a free face makeup session before the hunt begins. The top three survivors and top three zombies in each wave will share $1,000 in cash or prizes. Totally worth risking your life for, right? The geeky undead get a special place in this race. A tech wave kicks off a half hour after each standard wave. Geeks will be able to check in to ZMBLND on Foursquare, battle a tech-friendly obstacle course to find local tags, unlock secret badges and exchange tips. (Time to test those running-while-texting skills.)
Sun., Oct. 28, 8 a.m., 2012


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