Run, Bike, and Swim, Forrest

What do model Anna Kournikova, the Bachelor's Andy Baldwin, and Gold-medal Olympic skier Sarah Burke have in common, besides of course that all three will be half-naked and running on the beach together today with numbers drawn onto their legs and arms? Answer: nothing. But that shouldn't stop you from coming out to the Nautica South Beach Triathlon and cheering them on, cocktail in hand of course. (Though you can feel better knowing that the event helps to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.)

Then there's always the fun of actually competing in the thing, which we hear bestows a generous sum of self-worth upon anyone who can complete it, not to mention making that first post-race beer taste like angel's blood. So after you swim half a mile, bike 19 miles, and run for four more, and you get to the bar feeling like an extra in the movie 300, make sure to spread around that good cheer to those of us who just talk a big game.
Sun., April 5, 7:15 a.m., 2009


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