Rumble on the Beach

The demise of Bella Rose seems to have given Kill Your Idol exclusive property rights to a certain slice of South Beach. With almost zero competition, the bar has latched onto the area’s street scene. In a space that was once home to house-head fave Blue and then the abomination known as Vince Neil’s Feelgood’s, this party spot has morphed into hipsterati central. In a certain way, Kill Your Idol is the Beach’s version of NE 14th Street’s Bar, a dark and semiprivate playground where the cool kids hang. But this place isn’t trying to mimic downtown grit. It already has more authenticity than it needs, and Tuesday’s Rumble party is definitive proof. Every week, DJ Haitian Hillbilly lures some of the best local acts onstage while you drown yourself in $5 pints of PBR and shots of Jack Daniel’s or Southern Comfort. Choose your drinks wisely, though — your too-cool-for-school rep depends on it.
Tuesdays, 10 p.m., 2010


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