Root for the Underdog

Give Kendall a chance. And while you’re at it, give open mikes a chance too. They’re both the underdogs of Miami’s entertainment world. Kendall has been deemed a sleepy suburban hole by cultural elitists, while open mikes are often considered the poor man’s American Idol. But one ambitious production company has set out to change those notions. The Blissful Frequencies open mike takes place every other Sunday at Drake’s. Beginning at 8 p.m., aspiring comedians, poets, and musicians take the stage and prove even newbies can rock a crowd.

“There’s a lot of original people who come to our shows,” says Miguel Radillo, co-owner of Blissful Frequencies. Tonight pass on the polished acts and big-name concerts, and check out Kendall’s burgeoning artistic community. After all, glamorous SoBe and chic downtown will always be there. Kendall is where they keep it real.
Every other Sunday, 8 p.m., 2007


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