Mark Poutenis


Skates Alive!

FRI 2/4

Being surrounded by lights, sirens, and the mirrored shades of men in blue is no way to start a weekend. But imagine rolling across miles of traffic-free asphalt from South Beach to Coconut Grove with hundreds of in-line skaters and a police escort. The fifth annual Great EsSkate will be taking over the streets today through Sunday, February 6, with five different skating events plus picnics, prizes, and parties. "You get to see the city from a unique perspective," says superskater and annual participant Candice Richard, age 56. Registration costs $99 and proceeds benefit Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Call 561-989-9508, or visit -- Lyssa Oberkreser

Football Finale

Are you ready?

SUN 2/6

Single and on South Beach. What's a girl supposed to do to find a little testosterone around here? A little interested testosterone, if you get my drift. With Super Bowl Sunday on the horizon, it seemed like a good plan to find out who the hell is playing (Patriots v. Eagles), and where to watch it surrounded by the menfolk. Not as easy as you might think. Try calling a dozen bars and see where that gets you. Half the time they can't hear you over the cacophony when they pick up the phone, if they do pick up the phone. Humph! Just like a man. Anyway, The Abbey (1115 Sixteenth St., Miami Beach) promises complimentary hot dogs along with the game. And once again, The Chamber (2940 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) will host a large party during the superest of bowls. The helmets start crashing in Jacksonville tonight at 6:30. Call The Abbey at 305-538-8110 and The Chamber at 305-673-0338. -- Margaret Griffis

Tropical Punch

NOW 24/7

Sometimes in life it's necessary to pummel someone into a bloody, beaten semblance of the person they were. Aside from benefits like agility, muscle toning, and pound shedding, acting the aggressor has a bevy of psychological windfalls. Look at Mike Tyson. Okay, bad example. Look at Muhammad Ali. Is there any doubt this man has a healthy sense of ego? Conversely, there are times when being egomaniacal can be detrimental to your continued development. That's when it's important to have someone give you a colossal left hook. No doubt you'll be walking humble after that little reality check. The Miami-Dade Parks amateur boxing program offers two locations to let loose your inner Rocky Balboa, Tropical Park Demos Boxing Center (7900 Bird Rd., Miami) and the 27th Avenue Boxing Center (6940 NW 27th Ave., Miami). Call 305-221-0678 or 305-835-7816, and yell "Yo, Adriaaaan!" -- Kris Conesa


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