Roller Girls

Following their six-week skinny-dip into skull-staving retro-kitsch, the TM Sisters will unleash their highly anticipated Hilger Artist Project Award exhibition at Miami’s vaunted alt space, Locust Projects.

Over the summer, the talented homegrown collaborative, comprising Monica and Tasha Lopez De Victoria, has been busy decking out Locust in a kooky pastiche of roller-derby glam and synchronized-swimming swirls. It’s all buoyed by a blistering audio mood featuring beats by experimental composer Otto Von Schirach.

This Saturday at 7 p.m., “Whirl Crash Go!” will combine the conceptual duo’s candy-coated remix of glitzy juvenilia with animated video projections riffing ironically on a world passing us by much too quickly. Krelwear’s Karelle Levy will contribute to the epic production’s funky-fashion vibe, along with a dizzying cast of performers who will amp up the blowout into what organizers promise will be a “kaleidoscope of light and color.”
Sat., Aug. 29, 7 p.m., 2009


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