Rock Out With Your C@#k Out

Excuse us while we take a break from the current programming to bring you an über-cool party. The spot is The Vagabond, and each Friday the cool kids hang out and party to the sound of music from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. There’s indie, rock, soul, and anything else you can dance to, and the fact that the drinks are cheap, live bands randomly grace the stage, and you’re urged to come as you are tells us you’ll love this place.

Hipster queen Lolo of Sweat Records spins the first set, and if her store’s inventory is any indicator, the ish is gonna rock. Tonight is the CD-release/listening party for British electro-soul singer Jamie Lidell’s latest album, so the good-times thermometer is going to be elevated to the nth degree. Oh, and when you wake up the next morning with a helluva hangover and still enough money in your pocket for more than an Egg McMuffin, don’t worry about thanking us.
Fridays, 2008


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