Rock Hard

Climbing the walls

WED 12/29

As every muscle contorts to the point of exhaustion, a burst of adrenaline courses through your body on a cellular level. A moment of temptation envelops you with the sweet thought of resigning the will to continue. But a rush of epinephrine instills a godlike strength and through the pain, the pinnacle of this artificial mountain before you seems an insignificant distance away. If this emotional state seems a familiar one, perhaps you are tough enough to join Extreme Miami. One of the only extreme sports club, in South Florida, its members are intellectuals with slammin' physiques. This club of young, unpretentious locals has come together in an effort to provide a support system for other members, but mostly for the love of extreme sports. Everything from hang-gliding and kite surfing to sharking and base jumping is what these adrenaline junkies live for, and today is no different. The club meets at 6:00 p.m. at Extreme Rock Climbing, 13972 SW 139 Ct. Call 305-233-6623. -- Kris Conesa

Beer and Bocce

SUN 12/26

At the end of a winding road across from the Miami Seaquarium, you'll find a derelict collection of colorful shacks and abandoned cars. Stray cats and waddling fowl abound, mooching shrimp bait and smoked fish. Ah, Jimbo's. How sweet it is. Since 1954, it's been the place for cold brewskis, smoked fish, and bocce ball. Jimbo's son Bubba explains, "Dad's had a court everywhere he's been." Between the tunneling tree roots and the blast of Hurricane Andrew, this covered clearing has gained some character. "Now there's a home court advantage," Bubba smiles. You can find the namesake himself rolling some bocce this Sunday afternoon at Jimbo's, Duck Lake Road, Virginia Key. Call 305-361-7026 or visit for directions. -- Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

Paddle Up

Canoeing class for teens

THU 12/23

Don't let the thought of canoeing fill you with fears of paddling in circles before tipping over into a river of alligators. Crandon's Teen Canoe Workshop will teach young adults (ages 13 to 18) the fundamentals of canoeing to keep those vessels out of the mangroves. The workshop covers the basic strokes and steering maneuvers that will leave you looking as graceful as that Disney version of Pocahontas gliding through the water. Canoeing is one of the best ways to navigate Florida's beautiful waterways while peacefully spying on turtles, birds, and yes, even alligators. Trade the sound of bass for bugs and head to Key Biscayne this morning from 9:00 to 11:00. Paddlers should meet at the Crandon Park Visitors and Nature Center, 6767 Crandon Blvd, parking lot 1. The cost is $15. Call 305-361-6767. -- Lyssa Oberkreser


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