Greg Giraldo, 1965-2010
Greg Giraldo, 1965-2010

Roast in Peace, Greg Giraldo

Is it too soon for a Greg Giraldo joke? Sure he's only been dead for a day, and accidental drug overdoses are nothing to laugh about--they're a real downer-- but Giraldo was a comedian, a damn good one. Rather than hanging our head down low and crying about the passing of our favorite Comedy Central friar, we felt that a fitting tribute would be a posthumous online blog roast.

At the height of his success, Greg Girlado was

sharing a

stage with Lisa Lampenelli and Gilbert Godfried; did an overdose kill

him, or

was Comedy Central playing a mean joke?

He's roasted David Hasselhoff,


Rivers and Pamela Anderson, among others, but the only thing these

people have

in common is a dead career.

Greg was so desperate for work, he OD'd just

so his

friends would roast him at a crematorium.

Greg Giraldo will be missed, and the comedy world

lost a

good one. Roast in peace, funny man.


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